Learn the joy of music with Adrienne McKay.

Piano / Voice / Hammond Organ / Guitar / Ukulele / Improvising / Theory.


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Learn how to read music, pick and play finger style techniques.  I can teach you to strum your favorite songs and play along with recordings or accompany yourself singing.  


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The Ukulele is such a fun instrument and great to learn especially for younger children that have small hands and might not be ready for the size of the guitar yet.  Learn how to strum along with popular songs.


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The piano is a great instrument to learn to get a solid foundation in music.  I teach from ages 4 and up from and from beginner to advanced levels. Learn to read music, the notes on the piano and start to play your favorite songs.  


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For lesson inquiries, please contact Adrienne McKay on 347 579 9020 or fill in the form and Adrienne will get back to you nice and quick.

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